Suryanamaskar Benefits

Surya namaskar when translated means Surya (sun) and Namaskar (salutation). Since times immemorial, we have been bowing and praying to the sun god. The sun is believed to be the source of life on the planet and there is an element of the sun in every living being, every living thing, the food we eat, the water that we drink and the air that we breathe. The sun has been an element of supreme worship in so many cultures, races, tribes, and religions all over the world. It is not only ancient knowledge but the present truth that the sun played the role in creating the lives we have on this planet and for the planet itself as we know it today.

Surya namaskar was a part of yoga as a means to pay our homage and gratitude towards all sources of life. This wonderful practice consists of 12 yogic asanas that are meant to be practiced in a given sequence to complete the series of Surya namaskar.

The best time it is said, to practice Surya namaskar is when the first rays of the sun hit your body. This helps your body to reclaim the warmth of the sun and feel it spread across all parts of the body as the sun keeps on rising and the salutations are performed along with it. Performing Surya Namaskar during the evening enables you to feel relaxed.

The health benefits of Suryanamaskar are plenty and when practiced in the right sequence in a synchronized manner, it helps enhance your intuitive and creative skills, decision making and trust and also improves the size of your solar plexus.

So what are the 10 most beneficial facts about practicing the suryanamaskar:


1: It helps with making the blood flow in the body more intricate and accessible:

This means that when you perform Surya namaskar and by the time the sequence is completed, you will feel active fresh blood flowing throughout the body that leaves you feeling detoxified. The active inhaling and exhaling that is done while performing the Surya namaskar, works by ventilating the lungs thoroughly and keeping the blood well oxygenated as well.


2: Keeps the abdominal area healthy and well-functioning:

The 12 asanas in the sun salutation series involve a lot of consecutive contraction and stretching of the abdominal organs that include the digestive system, guts, etc. With the exercise of the organs inside, the trigger for an active digestive system is stimulated which then helps the stomach becoming stronger in its function as well as getting rid of gastrointestinal problems?


3: Works on the areas of heart pressure and blood pressure:

Surya namaskar works as a remedy for people dealing with heart and blood pressure problems. The practice is known to keep control over the sugar concentration in the blood which further helps keep the problems affecting the heart at bay. It is also known to correct the irregular beating of the heart along with strengthening the core muscles.


4: Calms the nerves:

Practicing Surya Namaskar is known to have calming and relaxing effects on the mind. Poses in the sun salutations, particularly cobra pose and the downward dog pose, are known to stimulate the nerves and decreases anxiety and strengthen the nervous system of the body.


5: Works on flexibility as well as the fitness of one’s body:

All the poses and asanas in the series of sun salutation work on different parts of the entire body. It enables the body parts to achieve flexibility along with strength while the stretches are performed. This tones the body into a fit structure and works on training the flexibility of the body.


6: Helps lose the extra weight:

The asanas in the Suryanamaskar series are known to tone the abs muscles along with strengthening the musculoskeletal system of the body. So when you perform the salutation at a rapid pace, it exercises the abdominal muscles to lose weight around that region.


7: Sun salutations are known to encourage brighter skin and longer, stronger hair growth:

The 12 asanas in the sun salutation series are performed to achieve a good blood circulation to all the parts of the body. When you practice this regularly and without fail, you will notice that the healthy circulation has lead to providing blood to even the most intricate parts of the body. This will lead to a healthy glow in the skin along with a longer and stronger mane even for a person who is older.


8: Helps maintain the fitness and health of the lower body:

Usually, in all kinds of exercise, the upper body is more focused on rather than the lower body. The last pose and the first and foremost asana of the Surya namaskar known as the Pranamasana (The Prayer Pose), works on the strengthening of the lower body. This also strengthens the main joints of the lower body that are the knees and ankles.


9: It works on improving kidney functions:

Surya namaskar helps with the gentle massage of the kidneys allowing better blood circulation throughout the organs of the body. This helps the kidney work better at filtering the blood passing through it.


10: It corrects the hormonal imbalance:

It is known to all that the most hormones secreted are through the endocrine glands of the body. The amount of junk that goes into our bodies causes the dysfunction of the fluids and hormones that are released through this system causing hormonal imbalance. Surya namaskar is known to gently stretch and contract the endocrinal glands to work on healthy endocrinal health and thus correcting hormonal imbalances of any kind.


Practicing sun salutations is very beneficial in everyday life and you will have to start practicing it to know the benefits in person. Good luck to you all!

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