Luxury Yoga Retreats


Who doesn’t need a break from their disordered lifestyle? A break from your schedule will bring you peace, calmness, positivity, help you find yourself, bring you forth towards your yoga training etc. Imagine all these with a blend of luxury. Yogis in great number are planning for luxury yoga retreats in India, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Spain etc.

If you are also devoid of luxury yoga retreats and planning for one, here are a few estimates that may help you decide the best places to do luxury yoga retreats.


1. Costa Rica

Plan your luxury yoga retreat in Costa Rica in the midst of beaches, wildlife reserves, waterfalls etc. Since Costa Rica has a tropical climate round the year, it has a huge diversity in flora and fauna. It has also been recognised as the greenest country in the world by the New Economic Foundation (NEF) which makes it one of the best places to do a luxury yoga retreat. Apart from its serenity and charm, it offers some adrenaline rush activities such as bungee jumping, aerial zip line ride, deep sea diving, surfing etc. If you are more into sightseeing don’t worry, it’s still offering the best. You can watch humpback whales, visit the most active Arenal volcano, and explore the wildlife through national parks. You can’t miss the Envision festival if you are visiting in late February. It is a platform where different cultures inspire each other through music, dance, spirituality, yoga, education and nature.


How to reach: You do not need any visa to reach Costa Rica if you are from US, Canada or some European country. All you need is a valid passport for the duration of your stay.


2. Indonesia

A luxury yoga retreat in Indonesia will be ringed by multi-islands. If you like warm environment, this is the right option; it either experiences the wet or dry season. Apart from Bali and Lombok being favourite holiday destinations, there are other beaches and islands that may offer luxury along with a yoga retreat. To touch its sacred site you can visit Prambanan temple. The place is known for its scenic beauty and waterfalls. Moreover, you can pay a visit to uncharted forests, huge rivers, Java-country’s heartland etc. If you are more interested in wilderness and remote places move to the western half of Papua.


How to reach: You may apply for visa-on-arrival after paying an amount of fee for entry in Java, Bali etc. There are other three ways of applying visa that you must check while applying for one.


3. India

India, as we all know, is a land of various cultures, religions, seasons and even great history. Planning a luxury yoga retreat in India can be a daunting task since there are multiple places to choose from – beach-side, mountains, backwaters, etc. Since yoga and Ayurveda originated here, yoga training is obviously going to be authentic. With yoga, you can combine various sightseeing or fun activities as per the place you will choose. If you want to see the panoramic views of the Himalayas choose Rishikesh. To explore the tradition and culture you may choose Rajasthan and its architectural monuments. If you prefer beaches, move to the South of the country to places like Goa and enjoy Ayurvedic therapies and spa along with yoga sessions.


How to reach: You may apply for an e-visa of 60 days or get visa-on-arrival for 30-60 days. There are visa restrictions in some states of India such as Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Mizoram, Himachal Pradesh etc. so, you may want to check once.


4. Mexico

Mexico is the place which has regions that are a combination of sophisticated urban hub and remote adventure areas. Roam around ancient cities that takes you back to the old times, enjoy the nightlife and indulge in a stately dining. Apart from yoga training you may enjoy balloon rides and see the vast archaeological sites. Since the country is surrounded by water, it has its own aquarium. You may see blue whales, hump back whales, dolphins, and even orcas. You may also enjoy water sports alongside the beach. The mesmerizing beauty of the Aztec ruins and historical monuments will surely leave you awestruck.


How to reach: If you trip to Mexico is for less than 180 days you don’t need a visa; but it is only applicable to a few nations. You may want to check visa requirements as per your country.


5. Spain

Spain has the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites after China and Italy which makes it worth visiting. Luxury yoga retreat in Spain will be in the middle of grand meadows, mountains covered with snow, swampy areas and even desserts. Summers are mostly crowded in Spain because of its delightful beaches and activities. Apart from the beaches, you may visit historical monuments such as Alcazar Castle, the town of Segovia etc. If you are a sports person, it is impossible to ignore Valencia; the city famous which is famous for football.


How to reach: Spain along with many countries has signed the Schengen Agreement; therefore, you must visit the official website for visa requirements.

So, don’t wait and start planning for your luxury yoga retreat to experience the most out of it.

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