Luxury Yoga Trips

India is known for many things and Yoga is probably the most intrinsic of them all. Since ancient times, the country has been the embodiment of spiritual enlightenment. People from all over the globe have visited the South Asian nation in their quest for spiritual knowledge. Such has been the rich heritage of the country that it attracts millions of global travelers every year, added with the diverse and equitable climate it enjoys. Home to as many as 37 UNESCO world heritage sites, the country is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Adorned with breathtaking mountains, magnificent lakes, sacred rivers, picturesque waterfalls, and spectacular beaches, luxury is purely the gift of nature when you are in India.


Luxury Yoga Trips in India

For a majority of people in the world, Yoga is synonymous to India and vice-versa. It is the place of its origin. In the present day world, India has become the global center for a luxury Yoga retreat. A number of resorts and Yoga centers offer various kinds of luxury Yoga holiday programs all over the country. One of the best parts about India is its huge and diverse land area that allows one to enjoy a Yoga vacation from a wide-ranging geographical and climatic condition. Whether you love the snowy beauty of the Himalayas or the serenity of the Western Ghats, a luxury trip to India will be extremely fascinating for sure. Whether you are looking to experience the purity of Rishikesh or the cultural opulence of Kerala, the country has everything in her kitty to offer you with just what you need.


Best places for luxury Yoga trips in India


Mysore: Located in the foothills of Chamundi Hills’ blissful serenity, Mysore is a holiday paradise in South India. The town has long been associated with the spiritual science of Yoga since the Mysore style of Yoga originated here. Known as the cultural capital of Karnataka with a number of heritage structures located in the city, Mysore welcomes every Yoga enthusiast to adore its rich lineage and astonishing climate. Mysore is home to numerous Yoga resorts, where you can relish the best form of Yoga practice while enjoying a luxurious life.


Sikkim: Sikkim is the first complete organic state of India. Known for its luscious biodiversity, the Northeast Indian state lets you experience the utter silence of the Himalayas while you enjoy a Yoga vacation in Sikkim. Gangtok along with Darjeeling (a part of West Bengal but is very near to Sikkim), forms a rich lineage of Yoga. The hill stations in the eastern Himalayas let you witness paradise while staying in one of the many affluent resorts. Let your soul flourish in a zone of utter silence while meditating in the backdrop of snow-laden Kanchenjunga.


Rishikesh: The land of spirituality, Rishikesh is the center of Yoga training in the world. Rejoicing in the devotional aroma of Rishikesh, while living a pleasant life in the lap of Mother Nature, is the life’s dream of every Yoga lover and globetrotter in the world. In addition to being the world’s biggest hub of Yoga education, Rishikesh is home to some of India’s most prominent holiday resorts and travel sites. The best thing about a Yoga vacation in Rishikesh is that you will always be in the proximity of a temple from where the soul-touching spiritual aartis will win your heart.


Hampi: One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ancient town of Hampi sits in the lap of the Western Ghats. The north Kannada town is famous for its various historical monuments, tropical climate and the affluent yogic culture. The town has been closely linked to Yoga as its temples and buildings have been mentioned in various Hindu epics including the Ramayana and the Puranas. Spend your days practicing Yoga in the breathtaking beauty of Hampi to feel its mesmeric heritage. Lead a prosperous life in a Yoga resort in the ancient town.


Goa: Goa undoubtedly offers the best beach life in India. It is probably the first choice of national and international travelers seeking a luxurious stay in South Asia. While traditional Yoga is popular all across the Indian subcontinent, Goa attracts travelers with its unique culture of beach Yoga and a number of luxurious Yoga holiday options. The Eastern Indian town is famous for magnificent living style and Konkani culture. Book a Luxury Yoga tour in Goa to experience the magnificent calmness of yogic lifestyle in the former Portuguese territory.


If you are seriously aiming to enjoy Yoga and luxury trips in India, opt for any of these five locations, although the country has Yoga retreat centers in abundance spread across different regions. There are numerous other hidden stories awaiting your presence to be disclosed on the sacred soil of India.

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