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There can be countless reasons to set your foot on the holy land of India. People travel to the Asian nation to explore the spiritual charm of Varanasi, virgin beaches of South India, lush vegetation, fascinating Medieval Indian architectures, etc. You will find people coming here just to attain peace. Amidst all, Yoga stands out as the biggest activity that entices the world community towards India. Having a Yoga tour in the land of Buddha assorted with the luxurious delight is an amazingly soul-charming thing to do. The country and its deluxe lifestyle have become the matter of immense talk in the modern world, and the holidayers’ community has shown tremendous interest in leading a life of luxury while seeking pleasure in the rich yogic environment of India.


A Delightful Experience


While India has always been the world’s finest Yoga destination, there are a number of other aspects that touch the soul of a traveler. Spending moments in a palace-like ashram with all the facilities of a lavish lifestyle is what a perfect vacation looks like. Yoga tours in India are quite popular as a number of Yoga centers and travel companies offer such events throughout the country at a price that is quite pocket-friendly. These tours in Yoga’s motherland mark a moment of ultimate bliss on the path of Yoga’s stunning experiences. Giving this discussion a pause here, let’s talk about the things you can expect during a Yoga holiday in India.


  • A peaceful environment: The birthplace of Yoga is home to numerous beautiful mountains where you can find enormous serenity to fall in love with the sound of your heartbeat while meditating. Irrespective of where you are holidaying in India, one thing that remains common in all the places is enormous peace and tranquility.


  • Diverse Geography: India is the true definition of a mixed bag having diversity in each and every aspect. The physiographic diversity of India presents you the freedom to seek natural beauty in the Himalayas, meditate on the virgin beaches and praise the picturesque charm of multiple rivers.


  • The best healing therapy: Not only Yoga but also the science of Ayurveda is the gift of this spiritual nation where the most authentic form of physical, mental, and spiritual healing therapy is available. While Kerala is known for its herbal prowess, Rishikesh and other north Indian regions are famous for their spiritual roots that entice people from all over the globe.


Now let’s take a look at some of the most renowned places for luxury yoga tours in India.


Best Places for Luxury Yoga tours in India


1. Goa


You talk about luxury, and Goa comes naturally to your mind. Goa, a town in western India is famous for its pristine beaches, European lifestyle, and yogic culture. The beauty of Goa’s Yoga community is that you find mainly two kinds of Yoga retreats – flashier and Yoga oriented. Whether you love to enjoy the delight of an opulent lifestyle with the rejuvenating aspect of Yoga or the depth of Yoga to attain mental peace and spirituality, India’s smallest state offers everything to everybody.


2. Rishikesh


Peace, spirituality, and Yoga denote a vacation experience in Rishikesh. While the purest genre of Yoga is what you are introduced to in Rishikesh, exploring the elegant treasure of the Himalayan vegetation wins the heart and soul of a wanderer. Meditate by the serenity of the holy Ganges overlooking the amazing beauty of the Himalayas to search for the truest meaning of human life on the earth.


3. Varkala


Varkala is the hub of rejuvenating retreats in India, thanks to its herbal riches and yogic atmosphere. You will witness a completely astounding environment adorned with the flourishing flora of the Western Ghats, endless blue waters of the sea, and devotional significance of Malayali culture. Rejuvenate your soul with the authentic herbal healing method native to Kerala.


4. Gangtok


Gangtok is a beautiful hill station set overlooking Kanchenjunga’s awe-inspiring panorama. The town presents an opportunity to get acquainted with its unique marriage of Buddhist and Hindu yogic culture in the midst of picturesque waterfalls and outstanding valleys. Enjoy life in a flamboyant way while exploring facts about the historical and social significance of Yoga in Gangtok.


5. Hampi


The ancient Indian village of Hampi marks one of the most favorite holiday spots in India. Located in the state of Karnataka along Tungabhadra River, Hampi is home to several world-class Yoga resorts where travelers from all over India and the world come to seek pleasure in its lovely weather. The Yoga retreats in Hampi are famous for the inclusion of amazing adventurous experiences in their Yoga tour programs.


There are many more aspects of India that you will witness and fathom only after you cross through the streets of India’s towns and villages. Book a Yoga vacation in India with a touch of luxury in order to witness the wonderful offerings of this incredible nation.

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