Take your much-awaited sojourn with us at Kerala’s resplendent seaside destination with well-planned luxury yoga holidays in Varkala India. Regarded over the world for its luxuriant natural setting and the iconic Papanasam beach composed of red rocky terrains with a silvery sea kissing its feet, luxury yoga vacations in Varkala are going to re-energize you completely in the mind, body, and spirit. At one of our luxury yoga retreats in Varkala 2018, experience a lavish stay in the embrace of the sea and everlasting nature and develop your personal yoga practice under the expert supervision and all comforts provided.

During luxury yoga retreats in Varkala, immerse in inspirational yogic routines to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. From nutritious cuisines made following Ayurvedic dictums of health to nestling in the serenity of the sea, luxury yoga retreat vacations in Varkala make for a breath of fresh air amidst the monotony of modern, competitive lifestyles. Become the healthiest version of yourself on attending luxury yoga in Varkala. Select from our exclusive offerings in the area and invite your friends and closed ones to co-attend with you too!

Unwind and Heal with the Magic Touch of Yoga and Ayurveda

The yoga menu at our luxury retreats is comprehensive and full of traditional touches that are hard to find in the yoga outlets of the West. Our focus lies on Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles in the most parts, covering the beginners and intermediate series in parts at a slow pace that anyone can follow. The asana sessions are also appropriately infused with meditation and breath-intensive exercise of Pranayama that’s full of immense therapeutic benefits.

Attend luxury yoga in Varkala Kerala to experience a beautiful moment of self-exploration with yoga at the sea, observing the Sun Salutations looking over the horizons at daybreak, and self-time at nature spots going deeper into your meditation. You will also get the taste of interesting yogic formulas of happiness like laughter yoga for bringing up the cheer within and dance yoga to get spontaneous with your yoga moves.

The Goodness of Ayurveda

Kerala is the seat of Ayurvedic evolution and discovery since times immemorial. You will find the most prestigious schools of this ancient Indic science of healing and wellness based here in Kerala’s remote villages where the ancient values are preserved in the purest form. At luxury yoga retreat holidays in Varkala, you can find the best of traditional teachers, inputs from practicing Ayurvedic doctors or vaidyas of the Kerala School of Ayurveda, access to precious Ayurvedic ingredients for food and healing from the indigenous spice plantations, and refreshing spas with naturopathic values.

The Peaceful Backwaters of Kerala

Besides the breathtaking vista of the sea beach at Varkala, you can make trips to the peaceful backwater bays on little meditation sojourns when attending your luxury yoga holidays in Varkala India. Imagine sailing through the calm bays of the Kerala backwaters as the soft light of the sun makes shadow patterns on your body, the rustling wind in the coconut groves, and a vista of the green slopes afar.