In the ‘Venice of the East’ Udaipur, experience rejuvenation and tranquility with us. The luxury yoga vacations in Udaipur invite the purist souls to indulge in the splendor of yoga, wellness, and culture. Our luxury yoga retreats in Udaipur 2018 are perfect for a physical, psychical, and spiritual overhaul with authentic yoga teachings guided by expert yogis in the most lavish settings. With days brimful of luxury yoga in Udaipur and relaxation practices along the azure lakes and royal heritage, a luxury yoga retreat in Udaipur is an unforgettable feeling to live. On offer is a 5-star stay and healthy diet assortments on luxury yoga retreat vacations in Udaipur that is sure to leave you with a feeling of complete bliss. Fortify your health and unwind from the chaotic lifestyle from a selection of luxury yoga retreat vacations in Udaipur. Give yourself this opportunity to recover and restart a new life during luxury yoga holidays in Udaipur.

Surrounded by palatial homes of former Rajput kings of the state, forts, minarets, and temples, Udaipur is like a world within a world and a call back in time. It is also evident that nature too is luxurious where it chooses to be. There is beauty unsurpassed in the lakes and greenery surrounding the waters at this fringe of Rajasthan’s formidable deserts. When you come upon this oasis of peace and beauty on your luxury yoga retreats in Udaipur, amidst life’s turbulent journey, an overwhelming sense of serenity takes over the heart.

Explore Yoga in its Regality in Udaipur

Yoga is kept to the elementariness on the luxury yoga retreat holidays in Udaipur for you to enter into the discipline peacefully, nevertheless, with your foundations made strong. You shall be establishing a practice in the Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga forms, mainly exploring their primary series. Our experienced Hatha and Ashtanga teachers will be conducting practice sessions at the beautiful Udaipur location, looking onto the vista of grandeur. Hands-on assistance with yoga adjustment and alignment, correction of your existing practice, introduction and guidance in yoga prop usage, and more will be available on these transformative sessions, changing your outlook on yoga and holistic wellness forever.

Luxury yoga in Udaipur is also about integrating Meditation and Pranayama into the format of physical exercise, with more to do in terms of mindfulness practice and breath intensification. Learn Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Trataka, Silence Meditation, and more on your days of bliss at the luxury yoga vacations in Udaipur.

The Goodness of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an exclusive science of inner wellness, administered with vital lifestyle modifications along with herbal therapy. On your exploration of luxury yoga in Udaipur, you can make your perception and practice of health and wellness stronger with Ayurvedic massage, spa, and therapy at our in-house facilities. You will also get the privilege to correct your diet, following our inclusive Ayurvedic meal plans at the luxury yoga retreats in Udaipur. Our chefs would love to put up local delicacies of the Rajasthani cuisine, lightly prepared fares using exotic Indian spices, and special drinks and beverages to keep you hydrated.

The Aura of Regality in the Lake City

Regality and the symbols of grandeur are everywhere in this lake city of magnificence. The beautiful City Palace looking up from the bosom of the grand Pichola Lake, the Maharana’s pleasure gardens, the ornate old city squares, bazaars of gold and silver wares, it is the ultimate landscape of opulence and royal treasures from an era gone by. There is probably no place on earth more suitable for an experience of the luxury than a luxury yoga retreat vacation in Udaipur.