Amidst the magnificent ruins of Hampi, experience sheer splendor and prosperity of health and wellness by taking luxury yoga vacations in Hampi. Each of our Luxury yoga retreats in Hampi 2018 is designed to inspire and promote the well-being through the graceful science of yoga. The aim is to offer uncompromising yoga experiences embedded in pure luxury and comfort. On the undulating terrains of Hampi equalized with paddy fields, green palm groves, and banana plantations, dwell in comfort and elegance at the luxury yoga retreats in Hampi.

Deeply nourish the mind, body, soul and those voracious hunger pangs. The fine yoga and spiritual practices, the lavish stay, and the lingering opportunity in the streets at the luxury yoga retreat vacations in Hampi are a grandeur experience worth cherishing a lifetime. Embark on the journey of the Self in the glorious town with luxury yoga retreat holidays in Hampi to feel deeply rejuvenated and alive like nothing else on earth. This could be your chance to extract the most precious moments of life in the caress of luxury yoga in Hampi at one of our selected best luxury yoga holidays in Hampi India.

Experience Traditional Yoga in its Sheer Magnificence at Hampi

With this retreat in the caresses of luxury and the aura of the ancient, you will come to be privy to the secrets of yoga’s foundational elements. An in-depth introduction to Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga on this program is going to open up your faculties to greater possibilities and by working on your strength, flexibility, and power of mindfulness; you will be able to aim for higher goals in life.

Exploring luxury yoga in Hampi on our retreat will mean, better skills at asana, developing a meditational temperament, and mastering the power of breath. Expect deep nourishment, therapy, and unequaled mind’s peace on this luxurious journey of the spirit.

The Goodness of Ayurveda

The ancient science of healing known as Ayurveda is another treasure of India which relates integrally with yoga. On your luxury yoga vacations in Hampi, you would be benefited to the core with the observance of Ayurvedic lifestyle rituals in discovering your innate yogic strength. Our Sattvic diet plans presented through your stay will carry delicious fares made with fresh indigenous herbs and spices power-packed with nutrient benefits.

In addition, our in-house spa for naturopathic therapies is great for rejuvenating oil massages, beauty spa with herbal decoctions, and medicinally beneficial Ayurvedic treatments like Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Basti and more.

The Enigma of an Ancient City State in Ruins

Hampi is the site of the ancient Vijayawada Empire of Southern India, now preserved in its ruins. Exemplary of the brilliance of ancient India with its monuments, temples, and citadels, this site of heritage and archaeological importance is splendidly beautiful as it is enigmatic and of a certain melancholic quality.

On you luxury yoga retreat holidays in Hampi, you are sure to have a soul-enriching time meandering and meditating in the mysterious blue ruins of Hampi.