Wellness, Beauty, Adventure, and Relaxation resonate with the town of Goa. We bring the perfect opportunity for you to experience luxury yoga retreats in Goa. Amidst idyllic beauty and serene nature, we invite the yogi in you to step into unhampered elegance and beauty during luxury yoga vacations in Goa. All inclusive of yoga and spirituality, a luxury yoga retreat in Goa 2018 is your chance to embark on the path of health and deep-founded wellbeing.

Luxury yoga retreat vacations in Goa are designed for you to practice asana and meditation on the velvety sandy beaches with the view of a resplendent sea, breathe in the fresh air, absorb the greenery of the deciduous vegetation, and to restore health from the warm, tropical weather of Goa while dwelling in heavenly comfort. On offer are the best yoga teacher training in Goa for an experience of nature, serenity, and the legacy of Yoga in the beach hub of India. Practice, eat, and live healthy at luxury yoga in Goa India with our exclusive range of luxury yoga holidays in Goa.

The Heart-Warming Dynamics of Yoga in Goa

Our yoga curriculum at the luxury yoga retreats in Goa 2018 is largely engaged on the two foundational styles of the ancient discipline, that of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. While the former is all about the aspect of yoga concerned with movement-based asana exploring the body’s capabilities through slow but steadfast and contemplative postures, the latter is a treatise on ethical living and vigorous asanas in a ‘flow’ style known as vinyasa.

The element of ‘breath’ or prana remains central to both the systems of yoga as taught on our luxury yoga in Goa India. It is used to explore the inner niches of the body and often concentrated upon to increase the focus of one’s mind.
On our luxury yoga retreats vacations in Goa, mindfulness is practiced and explored through a number of meditation techniques. Mantra chanting meditation, the restorative meditative practice of Yoga Nidra, outdoor guided meditation at the sea, Kundalini meditation, heartfulness meditation, and silence meditation are a few to name.

Apart from the staple of Asana, Meditation, and Pranayama breathing discipline, our luxury yoga retreat holidays in Goa hold much more on the offer for an introduction to yoga history and philosophy, scientific understanding of yoga anatomy and therapy with yoga are also included in it.

Cleansing With Ayurveda

On luxury yoga vacations in Goa, food plays a key role in restoring balance and vitality, with a food routine of three meals a day, balanced by nutrition, presented in platters of handpicked flavorsome Indian recipes, and complete with a garnish of savory spices, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, cooked in the purifying oil of ghee or clarified butter.To go well with your tropical summers on the Goan beaches, there will be plenty of tasty coolants and herbal teas.

The Old-World Charm

Know Goa beyond its beaches, for the province is full of old world delights. The cobblestone streets winding around quaint clusters of houses in Old Goa gets addictive for the keen traveler. Picturesque church steeples rising over red-tiled houses give the place a touch of old Europe. Evocative of the days of Portuguese inhabitation of Goa, these living relics of history are still breathtakingly real. On your luxury yoga retreats in Goa, you can also find many colorful festivals and parties going on around the year.