The Queen of Hills- Darjeeling awaits your presence. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a heritage of Himalayan Railway and the abode to great sages and yogis in the times of yore– luxury yoga retreats in Darjeeling 2018 summon the exasperated souls to seek solace and comfort in its lap.

On offer during luxury yoga vacations in Darjeeling is a fully immersive time of yogic and spiritual practices, an opulent stay in elegance and comfort, and an enriching vegetarian diet designed to help you achieve your wellness goals. From the vast expanses of muscatel flavored tea plantations to the mesmeric sunrise point of tiger hills, luxury yoga retreats in Darjeeling can offer you a real opportunity to relax and spend time in scenic solitude.

Let the benevolent climate and the emerald nature rejuvenate your body and soul to the fullest during your luxury yoga retreat vacations in Darjeeling. Revive your sanity and develop a yogic faculty while dwelling in homely comfort during luxury yoga retreat holidays in Darjeeling. Experience the true worth of luxury yoga in Darjeeling by selecting from our luxury yoga holidays in Darjeeling.

Dwell as a Pampered Yogi in the Lap of Ethereal Beauty

In the meditatively ambient space of Darjeeling’s blue mountain lines, the wind blowing through tea plantations, and the peaceful English cafes on the mall road, you will come to reconnect with your inner self and the experience shall deepen further with the guided practice of yoga from the experts. Our traditional Indian teachers at the luxury yoga retreats in Darjeeling are masters of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga of the older order. On your days of retreat, you will be brought up on a yogic culture of integrative meditation and Pranayama breathing covering the first series of primary asanas in both these styles.

Following a systematically progressing routine from gentle stretched to intermediary challenging postures and further on to an introduction to advanced routines, this retreat curriculum will bring you up for a longstanding practice in the yogic discipline. Also, separate segments are reserved for therapy-informed yoga where you will be prescribed an Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation routine to target some of the disorders of body and mind that you are currently facing.

The Goodness of Ayurveda

The ancient science of the Indic roots concerned with life, wellness, and healing, the goodness of Ayurveda can be utilized in culinary, medicine, and general living. On the duration of your stay for luxury yoga in Darjeeling, we will be giving you a fabulously flavorful and healing vegetarian diet every day with three meals and various cooling drinks to keep you hydrated. There is going to be a demo cooking class to acquaint you with the herbs and spices of Indian cuisine that’s also a powerhouse of purifying essence.

Also, you can avail of relaxing Ayurvedic spas and massage therapies from our expert spa artists.

Soaking in the Himalayan Bliss at Darjeeling

From our valley nook at Darjeeling, the resplendent ice-capped mountains are so close that you can almost touch them. On joining our luxury yoga retreat holidays in Darjeeling, you will get to soak in the sheer beauty and bliss of the Himalayas while going deeper into the core of your yogic journey.