Embark on a spiritual odyssey in the backwaters of Kerala on your luxury yoga vacations in Alleppey. Soak in the tranquility of chattering streams crisscrossing through the greenery of gently sloping hills and nestle in the bliss of the good times at our luxury yoga retreats in Alleppey 2018. It also makes for the perfect time and place to relive and attune with your inner peace, being in Yoga. On this journey, you will learn to release the past and embrace the present, becoming a skilled architect of your future at this luxury yoga retreats in Alleppey.

Welcome the mornings in the sweet sun and spend many enrapturing evenings in yoga and meditation while residing in complete comfort on your luxury yoga retreat vacations in Alleppey. Here, you are going to form a bond of eternity and brilliance in the body, mind, and spirit. The relaxation and rejuvenation take place at a cellular level at the luxury yoga in holidays in Alleppey that’s quite unparalleled. Check in with us for the experience of a lifetime!

Experience Traditional Yoga in its Sheer Magnificence

Our top-notch crew of traditional yoga teachers is appointed to take on classes in Alleppey. Besides, a marvelous command on the foundational yoga styles, that of Hatha and Ashtanga, they are proficient in conducting meditation through modes of Mantra Chanting, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Nature Walk, and Silence, as well as Pranayama for breath-based exercise.

Additionally, an introduction to yoga through the tenets of its philosophy and history of evolution will be addressed in a separate segment at this respective Yoga Retreat Holidays in Alleppey. All in all, acquainting with Hatha and Ashtanga Asanas of the primary series, initiation into meditation techniques, and Pranayama, with the underlining of textual readings from seminal yoga texts and more, are going to make your stay at Alleppey oh, so memorable!

The Goodness of Ayurveda

Kerala is the birth land of Ayurveda, an ancient science of health and healing that affirms life and regeneration. The methods of Ayurveda wholly utilize plant-based medicine and nourishment and shun the use of artificial drugs and unsustainable or medically invasive methods of treatment. On your luxury yoga retreats in Alleppey, you will get to cure and cleanse from the inside out with purgative Ayurvedic food, hot oil treatments, massage therapy, and many successful lifestyle modifications that can add more value to life.

On our luxury yoga holidays in Alleppey, you will be given a scrumptious feast of 3 meals a day full of traditional Yogic flavors with exotic and benefits-rich spices from the spice plantations of Kerala– an indulgence to remember your trip to India.

Finding Bliss in the Backwaters

A major part of Alleppey’s enchantment lies with the network of pristine backwaters and canals that run through the tiny water town. You will love to spend some self-absorbed time riding in the pristine backwaters on the shikaras and maybe spend a night in a luxury houseboat, just to wake up the next morning to a heavenly view of the greenery.