Luxury Fitness Retreat In India

Waiting to celebrate a happy occasion with a friend or loved one? Maybe you should keep something more to the party ritual this time. As long as you are planning ahead, consider a voyage of self-inquiry, love, and eternal wisdom on the very land of yogic inception.


India awaits with a treasure trove of historical riches, the exquisiteness of nature, and the rare wisdom of yogic emancipation. A few days of luxurious stay in the midst of India’s sizzling spiritual energies can make you come alive in the mind, body, and soul. While taking a thoroughly rejuvenating practice under the guidance of experienced instructors in asana, meditation, and pranayama, you will also get to enjoy the premium life. Take aboard in Rajasthan’s heritage palaces, riverfront duplexes at Rishikesh, charming summer homes in Goa, dream-like villas in the hilly alcoves of Darjeeling, and marvelous suites available in the historical landscape of Hampi, to create the most amazing background to your yogic voyage. Luxury fitness retreat in India is the happiness that actually money can buy.


Here are some venues in India, known for unparalleled hospitality and quality yoga life:


Rishikesh- the Ancient Pilgrimage By the Ganges


A temple town laid out across the holy river Ganges on her course to enter the plains. Many myths associated with the river come alive at this sacred site, laying the foundation of ancient temples, holding a legacy of pilgrimage and worship, etc. One comes to Rishikesh to revel in the sheer spiritual vibrations, to understand devotion when roaming in the ancient winding street of the old town, to marvel at nature’s extravagance in the surrounding hillocks, gusty river, and mountainous terrain. One comes to Rishikesh to become a first-hand witness to the holistic health culture of the global yoga capital. Since the times of yore to the advent of the 20th-Century spiritual figure of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the foremost proponent of Transcendental meditation, Rishikesh has eternally been a landmark in the context of yoga.


Step in this town, take a week-long retreat at a luxury program to know yoga from its origin. A grand stay, training under traditional masters, a healthy diet of ayurvedic meals, rejuvenating naturopathic spa, exploring adventure options in the great outdoors– Rishikesh makes luxury fitness retreat in India an absolutely pleasurable affair.

Udaipur- a Regal Home in the City of Lakes


An oasis of tranquility awaits on the other side of India’s geographic spectrum. In the desert of Rajasthan, a regal citadel featuring marvelous palatine architecture can be found in Udaipur. Many lakes surround the beautiful palaces, creating a mirror-like hallow of clear waters around the city. To yoga and meditate in this city, looking over the grandeur from the luxurious hanging terraces of heritage hotels is a holiday description for the kingly. Marble baths, filigree lattice windows, silken bends, curtains of lace, satin, and velvet, your world will be transformed into an absolute oriental dream here on a luxury fitness retreat in India.


Varkala- For the Enchanting Sunsets In the Sea


The romance of India stretches further now to the south of the subcontinent. The enchanting sunsets of Varkala, Kerala make it a scenic yoga venue. Imagine the sun rising and setting in a sea of red and gold, the sky turning into a swirling palette of gorgeous colors. Your sessions of Surya Namaskar are going to have a different edge to it. Kerala is also home to authentic Ayurvedic care, holding more prospect for fitness retreat in India at this venue.


Goa- Summer Fun in Tropical Sea Beaches


Beach lovers have more options to explore in India, and Goa is the queen of beach destinations in the subcontinent. Head to this summer paradise to enjoy a retreat of laidback life in the coast to yoga to recharge your spirits.


Alleppey- Boat Rides In the Backwaters


You might not have checked out all there is to enjoy in Kerala if you stop at the beaches. Find luxury retreats in Alleppy to have a taste of life in the serene backwaters of this country.


Dharamsala- In the Lap of the Himalayas


You will find the Swiss Alps overrated when in the laps of the gorgeous and mighty Himalayas. Find luxury fitness retreat in India where the great mountains dominate life. The hillscape of Dharamsala reverberates with the good tidings of the distant snows, is home to Buddhist heritage in India, and has some awesome luxury accommodations for yogic fitness training.


Hampi- A Reverie In the Ruins of Time


Delve into the annals of a golden past in Hampi. A city of stark ruins standing against a melancholy sky, Hampi has a meditative ambiance of a crypt. Come on a luxury retreat here to experience your soul becoming one with history.

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