Best Meditation Retreats

“It’s better to conquer yourself than win a thousand battles”


This is the Buddha’s teachings about turning the gaze inwards. This is the legacy of yogic meditation of the ancient sages in India who strived to attain moksha or liberation of the soul.


Often, when we are feeling torn apart, caught in the distresses, distractions, and the ever-increasing demands of our lives. It is good to look back upon such eternal spiritual tenets that draw the focus back from distress to a positive attitude, from the instinct to shift blames to the sense of individual responsibility. These teachings take us into meditation, the art of unplugging from the chaos to discover and restore harmony in our lives.


If you don’t yet know where to begin then it might be a good idea to learn at one of the best meditation retreats in the world on your next hard-earned holiday because every adventure doesn’t need to be about ascending heights or riding the waves. Some journeys need to be about exploring the realms of our inner worlds.


Ananda In the Himalayas- Northern Highlands Of India


A 20-acre estate sitting atop the hilly terraces of Northern India and looking over the holy river Ganges veining through the sacred towns of Rishikesh and Haridwar, Ananda remains true to its name, meaning joy. The meditators coming to Ananda are of many orientations. Some are looking to expand their learning and practice of yoga, some are looking for a few days of undisturbed peace in the lap of luxury and nature, while others come here to undergo the traditional therapy of Ayurveda. Professional Ayurvedic doctors, great masseuses, and acclaimed yoga instructors are here to make your stay absolutely worthwhile.


It is often a prerogative to ask for customized Yoga and Ayurveda sessions, suiting your individual troubles. Besides the absolutely breathtaking meditation and yoga pavilions here, there is a grand tea room, a luxuriant spa lounge, and an antique billiards room. A spectacular vista of the mountains surrounds the place. In a word, it is a prize-winningly photographable location.


Spirit Rock- California


Spirit Rock spreads over acres which were previously Native American spiritual establishments. You can opt for both day-long retreats and up to two months long residential meditation programs here. The founder Jack Kornfield has created a daily schedule here that revolves around self-led practices, silence, yoga, and inner listening. Participants come here to heal physically which often has to do with cultivating heartfulness. Individuals find help in this retreat when they are preparing for a step of change in their lives or need to spend some time in quiet contemplations.


Meditation Retreat In Varkala- Seaside Kerala, India


Varkala, a spa town in the southern shores of Kerala is one of the most acclaimed destinations for meditation retreats in the world. The beaches are full of cheer here and the red cliff stands out in the landscape looking over the sea of the Varkala beach in the backdrop of truly moving red-gold sunsets. Take this retreat if you want to learn meditation of the Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga lineage.


Simple Peace- Assisi, Italy


Rolling hills and olive garden, a front porch beckoning with roses so red– beauty, love, and resplendence flourishes in this meditation home in Italy. Silent meditations are often held outdoors in the close embrace of nature. Bruce and Ruth Davis at this best meditation retreat in the world are a husband and wife-duo who lead these daily practices. They live a life removed from the hustle and bustle of the overzealous city lives and welcomes the peace seekers from all faiths in their quaint little paradise to experience complete inner peace, love, and gratitude.


The most fascinating part about Simple Peace, Bruce and Ruth have arranged for the accommodation of the resident meditators in a historic Assisi monastery. It’s a sanctum of undisturbed peace and full of the remembrance of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and trees and all other living forms of nature. The feast day to the saint on October 4th is an occasion of merrymaking here.


Sit out there a long time in the verdant gardens and amidst the gorgeous valley views in Assisi. Wait till the mind falls quiet and becomes one with the beauty all abound.

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