Best Luxury Yoga Retreat In the World


Yoga — the physical exercise discipline and the revered lifestyle of self-restraint, non-violence, love, and peace may not be a luxury affair by definition but a lavish learning environment for yoga can add new degrees of pleasure to the whole experience. When you know you have worked hard and deserve it, how would you like to treat yourself to an indulging stay at a beautiful corner of the world on a yoga retreat as your body is brought to its full potential with the healing touch of meditation, restorative asana, the pure air of a clean natural location, and scrumptious, health-grade food?  


The best luxury yoga retreat in the world is all about living in opulently furnished suites and villas, looking over a magnificent slice of a different world, yoga in the midst of the great outdoors, fingerlicking good food from master chefs, finding your tune with expert motivational coaches, and a lot of quality time and space to self-enquire.


Here go some luxury yoga retreat destinations in the world that everybody loves–


Yoga Retreat In the Hillsides of Rishikesh, India


In the foothills of the Himalayas and at the descending juncture of the Holy Ganges, Rishikesh in yoga motherland India, weaves out through resplendent river banks, deep forests spreading over gently undulating hills of the Shivalik Himalayas, with spires of glorious ancient temples highlighting the landscape and a lively boho culture dominating the vibes. When you come across this town in search of the best yoga retreat in the world, the options available can make your day!


Riverfront luxury homes, spa on the house, beautiful wooden yoga halls overlooking the wilderness, a nice community of happy yoga people to go out with on program-inclusive local trips, outdoor meditation, a ticket to great yoga fests happening in the city, and much more glee happens on retreats in Rishikesh.


Healing and Festivities In Chiang Mai, Thailand


The old city of the Lanna Kingdom in northern mountainous Thailand is a far call from the more talked about seashores of Thailand, but more full of the yogic blissfulness you are looking for. Chiang Mai luxury yoga retreats are steeped in the verdant mountains, has Thai Massage therapy by experts in the house, rejuvenating spas, and Thai food extravaganza.


Besides yoga and chill in the luxury yoga home, there will be inclusive trips to the gorgeous Doi Suthep shrine, boat trips down Mae Ping River, and elephant sanctuary visits.


Ayurveda and Yoga Immersive Program In Kerala


Yoga cannot be a discipline exclusive of Ayurveda. From doshic constitution determination to food habit regulation, Ayurveda plays a vital role in making the benefits of yoga come to the practitioner at the best of results. Kerala, the epicenter of Ayurvedic studies, the evolution of its practice and techniques must be on a yoga iterant’s route map because the immersive yoga-ayurveda programs are totally worth it.


The best luxury yoga retreat in the world happens in Kerala with all-included spa and massages and therapy by traditional doctors of Ayurveda. Alongside yoga, there are culinary classes for ayurvedic good cooking, information on herbal drugs, beautiful skin and hair therapy, and much more happening on the course of this retreat. Plus, it’s going to be a remarkable stay in the marvelous luxury quarters. Let this retreat spoil you silly!


Marveling at the High Himalayas in Pokhara, Nepal


It is hard to resist the call of the majestic Himalayas. In Nepal’s auspicious mountainscape, there are luxury retreats to seek for yoga, meditation, and healing. Sweeping terrace views of the distant snowlines, yoga with the guru at the dreamy Sarangkot on a full moon night, organic fresh food, ayurvedic massage, spa, and therapy.


Besides yoga, a pampering stay and soaking in the good vibrations of great beauty of the surroundings, there are lots of adventure options in the Annapurna mountains that you can’t resist on this best yoga retreat in the world.


Yogic Bath in the Blue Lagoons of Praia Do Bilene, Mozambique


Quench your thirst for bliss this time in the far side of Africa. In Bilene, Mozambique, azure lagoons lap on the shores of desolate white beaches. Take this time in Bilene to deepen your self-practice and meditation besides indulging in amazing feel-good activities like turtle watching, canoeing, sea quad biking, and more.


Love and Self-time in Goa By the Beaches


You can’t go wrong with yoga in Goa. A beach paradise, the heritage town of Portuguese architecture, a party heaven, and a cauldron of mixing vibrant cultures, Goa is where you will lose your heart to the good life. The best yoga retreat can happen here with tidbits of soul-soothing luxury thrown into the mix. Fantastic suites, villas, and spacious rooms on luxury yoga trips in goa are all up for your taking. Sign up for two weeks of velvet, lace and satin interiors, a breathtaking view of the ocean or the mountains and all the creature comforts that you can ask for on your yoga vacation!


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