Luxury yoga retreat in Asia

Most of the individuals will agree to this: We are caught in the trappings of a daily life and have willingly succumbed to a hectic work schedule that robs us from the joys of a simple and healthy living. The never-ceasing demands of monotonous lifestyle give rise to a strong desire: an escape to a magnificently-rich location in order to feel renewed and charged.

Fulfill your heartfelt wish of being internally healthy and vitalized with the best luxury yoga retreat in Asia. Fly to exotic locations in Asia and experience the benefit of traditional sciences in restoring your body, mind, and soul to the fullest.

Feel alive and rejuvenated at these top luxury yoga retreat destinations.

1. India: The country of India in Asia is millennial in every sense: nature, culture, heritage, tradition, peace, love, and Yoga. Enclosing in its womb the picture-perfect locations of Rishikesh, Kerala, Goa, Dharamsala, and so many more, a luxury yoga retreat in India is an experience to behold. The spectacular embellishment of the Himalayas with the Ganges, the sandy beaches, the glistening backwaters– a retreat in India with Yoga and Ayurveda is what every soul needs to undo the damage of a modern living. Plan for a luxury yoga retreat in India, the land of Yoga and experience bliss in unimaginable ways.


2. Thailand: For another incredible luxury yoga retreat experience in Asia, hail to the land of smiles ‘Thailand’. Adored across the globe for its health-pleasing Thai cuisine, traditional Buddhist meditation practices, and authentic Yoga centers– a luxury yoga retreat in Thailand is a mesmerizing experience to live. On a luxury yoga vacation in Thailand, indulge in the practice of yoga asana in the lap of blue mountains decked with silvery waterfalls for a robust body and mind. Visit gleaming temples and sacred sites that develop peace within and feel healthy inside-out in the ever-comforting Thai surroundings. The divine atmosphere of Thailand is enough to make you feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed in a lavish manner.

3. Vietnam: Take a step towards inner peace and health by planning a yoga retreat in Vietnam– the land of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Slip into meditation and yoga on a yoga retreat in Vietnam in the embrace of breathtaking landscapes. Also, a luxury yoga retreat in Vietnam gives ample opportunities to explore the ancient lanes of this town, to experience the local life of hill-tribe villages, and to indulge in adventure water sports and cycling in Vietnam. Let the joy of adventure, sightseeing, and yoga come together to grant you the eternal pleasures of contentment, happiness, peace, health.


4. Nepal: Connect with nature and self in the beautiful destination of Nepal by taking a yoga retreat here. A paradise for every soul, Nepal combines the Himalayas, temples, hill villages, a pampered wildlife making it one of Asia’s best places to start an expedition of health and inner growth. A luxury yoga retreat in Nepal offers you the opportunity to practice Yoga and Buddhist meditation inspired from its sources while enjoying the Nepalese food and trekking mountain ranges that satiate your lust for adventure, nutritious food, and traditional disciplines in a charismatic manner.

5. Bali: On a luxury yoga retreat in Bali, immerse yourself in wellness programs among tropical rainforests and rice paddies. The town of Bali is decked with luxury spots overlooking the beautiful panoramic views and promising complete rejuvenation in a delightful manner. Most of the yoga retreats in Bali offer healing therapies, daily yoga practices, scrumptious food, sacred rituals that are aimed at restoring health and peace.


6. Sri Lanka: Vast stretches of Beaches, timeless ruins, flavorful food make Sri Lanka absolutely irresistible as a place for a luxury yoga retreat. Escape to the charms of Sri Lanka and transfigure into a healthy being in a splendid fashion on a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.


Be inspired to break free and take a luxury yoga retreat in Asia.

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