Best Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Laced in the Himalayas with the Ganges River flowing through, is the quirkiest little city, which attracts tourists and yoga seekers from all around the world each year. The city has long been an imperative pilgrimage site for sadhus and saints seeking enlightenment. The yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh is now a busy muddle of yoga retreats offering various programs that will help you discover the tranquil side of yourself and as well as of the city. The yoga retreats which are close to town, but still nestled in the wilderness will make you witness the most divine experience of yoga, realign the senses, deeply rejuvenated and embrace your inner calm. The yoga capital is known for the best luxury yoga retreat in Rishikesh.


Rishikesh is not all about meditation and yoga. One can also head down to the giddy waves of the Ganges River for some adrenaline-pumping crystal clear water rafting. There are also a bunch of beautiful trekking areas with breathtaking scenic views. It also offers a quiet escape from Rishikesh’s rousing hub of cafes, boutiques, and vendors. Read below as to know why Rishikesh is best for luxury yoga retreats and why one should opt for Rishikesh as a destination.


Why Rishikesh is Best for Luxury Yoga Retreat:


 1. Be a Part of Ganges Aarti Ceremony:

To add more enrichment in your journey of yoga, you can also attend some beautiful aartis alongside the Ganges River. The Hindu religious ceremonies are known as aartis are carried out on the Ganges river bank every evening, which also involves music and fire as offering to the Ganges, known as the “mother” in Hindu traditions. Here you can experience the true India by dipping your feet in the Ganges while drifting a flower bed on the river as it is a part of a tradition.


2. The Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh:

Tourists across the world have been visiting the best luxurious yoga retreats in the lap of the Himalayas. Rishikesh with plenty of natural beauty helps in making the environment calmer by giving the tourists more reasons to visit the amazing wellness retreats in the world. The Himalayan foothills in Rishikesh offer a different form of trekking trails and hiking trails, which are surrounded by mountains, temples, and rivers. Even just by crossing the bridge, you will find yourself in the middle of the mountains, standing over the Ganges. It is the center of everything.


3. The Crystal Clear River:

Rishikesh, where one of the most sacred rivers flows is the Ganges, where the river leaves the Shivalik Hills in the Himalayas and gushes into the plains of northern India. Several ancient temples also fall alongside the banks of the Ganges. Here a yoga lover can find everything in a single retreat because almost every retreat is established near or close to the river. One can enjoy both the serenity and the beautiful chaos of the place.


4. It is a Foodie Paradise:

The Retreats of Rishikesh offers just the perfect healthy food (vegetarian only) with a pure taste of Indian spices. You will find vastly different foods here as compared to other parts of the country. You can also head out to find some amazing hidden restaurants which are on the edge of the fresh flowing river. It would not be right to end your day without having Indian street food.


5. Yoga is Like a Religion in Rishikesh:

The yoga capital of the world unquestionably lives up to its name. Everywhere you will see yogis practicing yoga, especially in the morning. Here you can find the best teachers from all around the world under whom you will get knowledgeable guidance about yoga, meditations, and more. Rishikesh, the serene land with guest-friendly aura has tranquil yoga centers and retreats where one can feel fully rejuvenated.


6. Attend the Kirtan Sessions:

To enhance their yogi stay, one can also attend the devoted kirtan sessions. Rishikesh is a homeland to a number of ancient temples where kirtans are held both in the morning and evening accompanied by harmoniums, symbols, chants with people from all over the world.


The problem which you might face is that there are too many options. But if you are planning to go to Rishikesh, you just need to do some research to find the perfect yoga retreat for yourself. Thousand of gurus and yogis have spent their lives of chastity and all of them have added to the spiritual energy of Rishikesh

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