Yoga Retreats

Most of us live in busy cities with busy lives. And, with it often comes a strong feeling that everything around us is falling apart and we need a break. A break from the daily chores, office deadlines, smartphones and the usual self. Whenever you start to develop unsettling feelings, take a vacation. Not a regular vacation but a luxury yoga retreat in India.


A vacation with so much to do and see may not be enough for the transformation you wish to seek. While, on the other hand, yoga retreats with healing, adventure, and yoga activities can prove to be a life-changing experience.


Luxury Yoga Retreat in India:


  • Rishikesh: Rishikesh is the yogic hub of India as well as the world, perfect for yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. The surrounding Himalayas and the Ganges lend a spiritual vibe to the place helping you feel deeply rejuvenated, realigned, and calm.


  • Darjeeling: Darjeeling is famously known as Queen of Hills where souls come to seek solace and comfort. The presence of emerald nature, misty mountains, ice-cold rivers and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Darjeeling is conducive for a luxury yoga retreat in India


  • Kerala: The Ayurvedic land, Kerala is endowed with two beautiful towns of Alleppey and Varkala. These towns are the major spots for conducting yoga retreats because of the atmosphere, yogic heritage and diversity of activities.


An Opportunity to Feel Present and Healthy: Routines can be tiring. However, on luxury yoga retreats in India, you are indulged in healthy routines. Yoga retreat routines consist of yoga classes in the morning and meditation classes in the evening thus allowing your body to sync in with the natural rhythm of the universe. As you continue to follow the yoga routine during a yoga vacation, feeling healthy and present at the moment occurs naturally. You can embrace this healthy change after the retreat as well by committing to a yoga routine that you have developed.


A Healthy Break for the Digestive System: Yoga holidays facilitate change on all three levels: physical, psychical and emotional. One of the tangible physical changes is good digestive health that has a significant impact on your emotional health. “You are what you eat.” Therefore, you become healthy and positive on yoga retreats because you eat and drink nurturing meals. Highly sattvic food with fresh juicy salad and detox juices offer healing, good digestion and restoration of a healthy gut. There are specific retreats like detox retreats, weight loss retreats, health & wellness retreats, where they cater to specific dietary requirements as per individual requirements. Yogic cooking classes are also a part of a luxury yoga retreat in India curriculum so that you can eat healthily after the retreat.


Gain a New Perspective: On yoga retreats, you are far away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. And, this is your chance to discover and feel something new from the usual. Going to a new place for a yoga retreat is a step outside of your comfort zone. Secondly, with yoga occurs awakening that causes your eyes and mind to open and you can start to witness the world with more clarity. Staying at a new place, practicing yoga, spending time with people from different backgrounds, gives you a new sense of perspective.


Undergo Transformation: Surely, transformation occurs through the yoga retreat journey. Whether you start to develop good habits or you experience yourself with greater awareness, a shift can be felt. There is something magical about the natural surroundings, the science of yoga, and a healthy commitment that assists transformation. Personal growth is also expected to happen at yoga retreats thus opening your doorways to next levels. It’s hard to get this transformation anywhere else except the yoga retreats.


Develop a Connection With the Self: Yoga retreats are comprehensive escapes embedding health and fun with ‘me time.’ A luxury yoga retreat in India creates a safe space for you to nurture your body, mind and soul. The silence of nature invites you to delve in meditation and spiritual activities in which you develop a connection with your core.


The changes and experiences that you undergo during a luxury yoga retreat in India metamorphose your idea of an ideal vacation and living.

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