Choosing luxury over modesty perhaps always comes with a little guilt. But using financial privilege for something to make a healthier, more confident, and spiritually oriented Self– that’s all the good you can use your savings for. If yoga and new age spirituality are something that truly work for your wellbeing then take that bold leap and go for a luxury retreat in the land of the origin of the art.


India welcomes the yogis to many a slice of its exquisite paradise, from the snow view Himalayan highlands to some marvelous oasis in the midst of a vast desert, cities breathing in rich history, and cheerful seaside stretches. Combine the worth of natural beauty in this diverse landscape and great yoga teachings by the great teachers into a truly elegant stay and you have a typical luxury yoga retreat in India to blow your mind.


The thought that really gets us, however, is that for the cherished few days that you are on the retreat, you can actually escape the ordinary discomforts and anxiety and put your whole mind to practice. Here’s how–


No Cramped Rooms To Share


Cheap and threadbare backpackers hostels in India sure have a charm of their own but what’s the harm in checking out the other shining side of the country’s travel scene with luxury yoga retreat accommodations when you can afford it?


With spacious rooms, villas, and suites to choose from, decked with gorgeous curtaining, queen beds, ottomans, tables, and porcelain vases, luxury yoga retreat center in India can be like a dream to step into. Be it a retreat in Udaipur ‘the city of palaces’ or in Darjeeling to the transcendental vista of Mount Kanchenjunga in the golden hour, a luxury living ambiance just adds to the sense of opulent beauty and glory.


Also, let’s not forget, one of the prime reasons for taking a retreat is to find a quality self-practice time and luxury accommodations can better ensure that instead of ordinary tenements. No cramped shared rooms, more space, and a carefully crafted ambiance to revel in either alone or with your chosen partner, a heart-winning vista and rendezvous with nature– isn’t this luxury retreat accommodation all you can ask for? And, it’s all very very Instagrammable!


Local Travels Are Expertly Arranged For


Yes, that too! Yoga retreat center in India facilitating a luxury experience is surely going to have local tripping as an included deal.


Location: Right At The Heart Of Attractions


Oh, you won’t like it very much when the iconic red cliffs of the Varkala beach is way far from where you are staying up when you visit Varkala to yoga this winter, would you? That’s fair. When you have set out to explore the far side of the Earth, you would want to stay at the most enchanting spot. It is about growing a personal relationship with the spirit of the place. It’s about capturing lovely moments in the Sun and going into yoga at the very nerve center of the place of your choosing.


Unlike your regular backpacker’s lodges around bus stations and railway transit points at the crowded part of the cities, you are going to find luxury yoga retreat center in India at exclusive vantage points. No matter which place you choose in India to go deeper into your yoga, be it the beautiful backwater town of Alleppey in Kerala’s far shores or the famous tropical beach town of Goa, or Hampi- an atlas of melancholy ruins of the Vijayanagara empire, you can’t stay too far away from the landmarks.


Luxuriant Spas And Professional Masseuses In the House


A Luxury yoga retreat center in India can be so much more than be just about yoga. This manifold yogic discipline of holistic health, self-care, and spiritual wellness stem from the Vedic corpuses of ancient India which is also the source of Ayurveda- a glorious alternate healing science. When you are here in the country to yoga, you simply can’t afford to miss out on the rejuvenating spa, herbal medicinal therapy, and purifying massages of Ayurveda.


Only luxury outfits can give you a combined wellness experience!


Love For the Food Fulfilled


Yogis cannot be foodies, said no yoga guru ever. You deserve a luxury yoga center which has a professional kitchen, dishing up multicuisine health meals and a taste of the real Indian yogic palate.


Make these few days of a yoga retreat in India about complete indulgence as well as discipline, that’s the kind of balance you need in life!


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