Benefit of (sirsasana)Headstand Pose

I tried sirsasana many times but was never successful. I thought I lagged core strength. To rectify the same, I practiced yoga poses to build core as well as muscle strength. Being abortive even after good core strength, I couldn’t understand the reason.


After a few months of personal practice, I joined yoga classes to enhance my skills. Luckily, my yoga instructor was a great teacher. Within a few days of practice, I was able to connect with her. I shared my concern related to the headstand pose. She didn’t give any explanations for the same; instead, she asked me to prepare myself for the next class.


In the next class we were practicing sirsasana, it made me vigilant about self. As I told earlier, my teacher was amazing, she made it so easy; I could feel that I completed the pose for the first time. Afterward, I realized that I could always do it; I just lacked the right mindset.


While practicing the pose, she informed us that it is also known as the king of all yoga poses as it aids the body from head to toe. She also enlightened us with 10 incredible health benefits of sirsasana.


In the following blog, I have shared those benefits. They will convince you to add this pose in your daily yoga practice.

Steps to perform sirsasana

  1. Kneel, place your forearms on the ground and interlock the fingers
  2. Keep your head on the fingers and try to lift the knees slowly
  3. Be in an inverted position with your knees close to the chest and feet off the floor with raised heels
  4. Stretch your legs up one by one. Ensure that they are perpendicular to the ground
  5. Stabilise yourself on the forearms and try to hold it for at least 2 minutes

Health benefits of headstand :


Strengthens the shoulders and arms: To keep the pressure off your head and neck, you hold yourself up with the help of shoulders, arms, and back. Regular practice of the same strengthens the shoulders as well as arms.


Increases blood circulation in the heart: Since your heart is below the core, it allows a venous flow of blood towards the heart. It not only increases blood circulation in the heart but also strengthens heart muscles. It also improves heart health and prevents it from cardiovascular diseases.


Develops muscles in the core: As your legs are off the ground, you need to have a strong core to hold the pose as well as to prevent yourself from injuries. This pose can help you with the same. It develops muscles for a stronger and durable core.


Activates the adrenal gland: The inverted position of the body activates as well as squeezes the adrenal gland. It cleanses as well as looks after the proper functioning of the same. It also enhances the mood and prevents stress and anxiety.


Stimulates the lymphatic system: While practicing this pose, blood flows in the anti-gravity direction. It stimulates the lymphatic system of the body which is responsible for removing toxins from the body.


Boosts digestion: Since the core is involved in this pose, it massages the digestive orangs and supplies them enough blood. It not only boosts digestion but also allows nutrient absorption in the body.


Helps hair regrowth and nourishes skin: Increased blood circulation in the upper body activates hair follicle, rejuvenate the blood cells and provide the required nourishment. It makes the scalp and hair healthier. It also adds natural blush and lift your face.


Alleviates varicose veins and piles: Accumulated blood in the legs and anus leads to diseases like varicose veins and piles, respectively. Headstand helps break down such build-up of blood and transfer it to other parts of the body. It alleviates varicose veins and piles eventually.


Reduce the sign of stress, anxiety, and depression: Apart from activating the adrenal gland, regular practice of this pose also reduces the sign of stress, anxiety, and depression. It supplies a maximum amount of blood, oxygen as well as nutrients to the brain. It aids the brain and allows proper functioning of the same keeping stress at par


Enhances focus and productivity: The accelerated blood in the brain releases. negativity and keeps it relaxed and calm. It advances mental health as well as its functions. It enhances focus to help you concentrate for a longer period. It also unclogs your thinking ability and improves productivity.

Regular practice of this pose for 10 minutes will help you experience the health benefits of sirsasana. Initially, you may practice it for 2 minutes and then, extend it up to 5, 7, 9 and eventually 10. To understand the anatomy of this pose, enroll in a yoga certification course in India. They will help you understand the same from the root level.

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